Michael Puckett UX Engineer

Creative technologist with extensive experience building for the web platform. Focused on crafting accessible, user-friendly digital products and tools.


  • JavaScript/TypeScript

    I have an advanced understanding of ES/JavaScript, along with a strong familiarity with TypeScript.

    I am highly efficient working with React, Lit, Vue, Svelte, and similar reactive MVC frameworks. I also have a solid understanding of the DOM and other native web APIs.

  • Accessibility

    To accommodate all users, including those using assistive technologies, such as screen readers or voice control, I implement semantic markup, using ARIA where appropriate, and follow best practices.

    I have worked on websites subject to legal action on the grounds of inaccessibility. The code I wrote needed to pass internal standards and external audits.

    I adhere to WCAG in both letter and spirit, as I believe that any set of accessibility guidelines stems from a universal right to information.

  • Design System Engineering

    My educational background in graphic design allows me to collaborate closely with designers and translate their intent into code.

    I have led successful projects to standardize, componentize, and document complex design systems for use by large cross-functional teams. I've found that engineers can better communicate with designers by building a living library of reusable components that acts as a shared visual vocabulary.

    I have also led successful projects to define and standardize coding guidelines for large engineering teams.


  1. Google, UX Engineer May 2021 Present

    I collaborate with UX designers to create delightful, user-friendly interfaces for the Google brand. I'm developing production web experiences with clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

  2. LiveSchool, UI Architect August 2018 May 2021

    I planned and built the front-end for LiveSchool's real-time classroom behavior tracking mobile apps and website.

  3. Humana, Web Developer December 2016 July 2018

    I built a library of accessible web components that was shared across many enterprise products for the third largest health insurer in the US.

  4. Apple, UI Engineer October 2013 June 2016

    I built interfaces to support product launches, campaigns, and transactions on apple.com. I was part of a team that created a SCSS framework for the company-wide design system.

  5. CNN, Web Developer April 2013 October 2013

    I worked on a responsive redesign and replatforming of CNN.com.

  6. iostudio, Frontend Developer January 2012 March 2013

    I built marketing websites and web apps for national clients, including the National Guard.

  7. Fruit of the Loom, Web Developer October 2011 January 2012

    I designed and developed a relaunch of Jerzees.com.

  8. Communication Components, Web Developer March 2010 October 2011

    I worked on a web app that generated print marketing materials for small businesses.


Western Kentucky University Bachelor of Arts, Advertising & Graphic Design