Michael PuckettUX Engineer

Creative technologist with extensive experience building for the web platform. Focused on crafting accessible, user-friendly digital products and tools.


  • JavaScript/TypeScript

    I have an advanced understanding of ES/JavaScript, along with TypeScript.

    I am highly efficient working with React, Lit, Vue, Svelte, and similar reactive MVC frameworks. I also have a solid understanding of the DOM and other native web APIs.

  • Web Accessibility

    I have a deep understanding of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). I have experience working with screen readers, voice recognition, and other assistive technologies.

    I have worked on websites subject to legal action on the grounds of inaccessibility. The code I wrote needed to pass internal standards and external audits.

    I am a strong advocate for accessibility and I believe that any set of accessibility guidelines stems from a universal right to information.

  • Design System Engineering

    I have experience building and maintaining design systems for large organizations. I have worked with designers to create reusable components that are accessible and easy to use.

    My educational background in graphic design allows me to collaborate closely with designers and translate their intent into code.


  1. Both&Yes

    UX Engineer

    • Building client websites and internal tools, primarily using TypeScript and React/Next.js.
    • Exploring AI solutions for clients.
  2. Google

    UX Engineer

    • Developed production web interfaces with clean, efficient, and maintainable TypeScript code, optimizing for performance and scalability.
    • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for accessibility compliance, championing inclusive design principles and ensuring that UIs met or exceeded WCAG standards.
    • Played a pivotal role in multiple successful launches, including the belonging.google domain, the pride.google domain, and the annual Year in Search experience.
    • Architected coding scaffolds to simplify the creation of new projects.
  3. LiveSchool

    UI Architect

    • Leveraged Vue 2 to build features for LiveSchool's suite of web applications and web-based mobile apps, ensuring a seamless user experience across platforms.
    • Utilized Firebase for authentication and real-time changes that reflected immediately across open tabs and devices.
    • Collaborated closely with designers and stakeholders to craft architectural artifacts, including detailed documentation, diagrams, and timelines, ensuring alignment with project goals and requirements.
    • Debugged existing performance issues and implemented performance-friendly components, including an infinite scroll view that recycled DOM elements.
  4. Humana

    Web Developer

    • Built a library of accessible Vue 2 components for one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies.
    • Responsible for evaluating React and other frameworks, leading to the decision to go with Vue 2.
  5. Apple

    UI Engineer

    • Built interfaces to support product launches and transactions on Apple.com.
    • Led a successful project to harmonize competing corporate design systems and implemented a unified SCSS library.
    • Prepared coding guidelines for use by large engineering teams.
    • Directed offshore teams to implement core tools and libraries.
  6. CNN

    Web Developer

    • Helped to re-platform CNN.com from Java to Node.js, improving feature velocity and resulting in more ergonomic and maintainable code.
    • Created a responsive SCSS library for many possible page layouts.
  7. iostudio

    Web Developer

    • Built client marketing websites and web apps for clients in an advertising agency environment.
    • Implemented the first responsive redesign of NationalGuard.com.
  8. Fruit of the Loom

    Web Developer

    • Designed and developed a relaunch of Jerzees.com.
    • Helped maintain all Fruit of the Loom websites, including Fruit.com.
  9. Communication Components

    Web Developer

    • Helped build a web app that generated print marketing materials for small businesses, using JavaScript and XML technologies.


  1. Western Kentucky University

    Bachelor of Arts, Interactive Advertising & Graphic Design

    • Interned at Imagewest, WKU's design studio, as a web developer.
    • Interned for the municipal website for the City of Bowling Green, as a web developer.
    • Interned at the College Heights Herald, WKU's newspaper, as a print designer.
    • Coursework included Digital Illustration, Motion Graphics, Typography, Creative Strategy, Journalism, Copywriting, and PR.
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.9 GPA).